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Our Mission

The WIIT Charitable Trust was founded in 2001 to fund charitable activities that promote understanding of the benefits of trade. Since its creation, the Trust has focused on educational resources, including maintenance of the World Trade Library, development of a Trade Education Module for high school students and a Girl Scout program designed to convey key trade concepts. The Trust has also sponsored the popular “Trade 101” series on the Hill, which provided Congressional staffers with basic ducation on trade as well as addressed topical issues such as Trade Promotion Authority.

More recently, the Trust has launched a Scholarship Initiative to support graduate and undergraduate women studying International Trade who show promise as Future Global Leaders. This merit-based scholarship is awarded twice per year and works to encourage women to pursue their interests in International Trade and Global Development.

The WIIT Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization and contributions are tax exempt. Contributions to the Trust are separate from dues for WIIT.

The WIIT Charitable Trust’s Mission is to support women’s access to the benefits of international trade through providing educational opportunities, connecting women entrepreneurs to global markets, and improving the knowledge base to inform policymakers on trade issues.

How do we achieve this mission?

We achieve this mission by:

· Providing scholarships to graduate and undergraduate women in the field of International Trade who show promise as Future Global Leaders
· Helping women in developing economies enter global markets by establishing partnerships that promote free and fair trade
· Educating women worldwide on how to participate in trade from starting their own businesses to understanding global trade policy