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The Association of Women in International Trade, Inc. (WIIT) is the Trustee for the WIIT Charitable Trust, but they are separate legal entities. WIIT is a 501(c)(6) professional organization; membership fees and corporate sponsorships paid to WIIT are generally not tax deductible. The WIIT Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization; contributions are tax deductible by the donor. The Trust Committee performs WIIT's duties as Trustee.

The WIIT Trust has supported many projects supporting women in trade.

The first project of the WIIT Charitable Trust was the 2001 Public Opinion Poll on International Trade, used to measure U.S. voters' attitudes toward and knowledge of international trade. Using a non-biased, telephone survey conducted by a professional polling firm, the poll was able to assess both current attitudes and trends or shifts over time.

The Trust has also supported women’s trade education. Using various activities aimed at educating elementary and secondary school students, the Trust developed a program offered to students that explains what is international trade, how it affects students' lives and communities, and what types of career opportunities the field offers. Projects included an online training program and an adopt-a-school project that incorporates a mentoring program and a debate program.

Other activities supported by the Trust in the past have included trade education projects and seminars and conferences with trade thought leaders discussing various subjects in international trade and business. The Trust has also studied salaries of men versus women versus in the field of international trade and business. By scientifically gathering data from women and men employed in a range of positions in the field of international trade and business, the survey will compare their respective salaries, education, qualifications, experience, and other differentiating factors.